• Toward

    «An imaginative restlessness. An aesthetics of uncertainty. The performance of theory collapsing into its object, inhabiting it, ghosting it.» Lance Olsen.

Visions of Social Decline (II)

(Ivan Brun, No Comment)

God Hates a Coward

  I’ll shoot my seed with a metric grosse No footsteps go beyond it I’ll eat the dead Where the rooster crows Fresh rodeo’s, eat hardest Take a piss in your teardrops Make you a cyclops Breakin’ the branches off your palm tree Keep you up like a fluffer girl Ain’t that enough? No sir … Seguir leyendo

Police State

[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:]  You have the emergence in human society of this thing that’s called  The State. What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy.  It is the police department. It is the Army the Navy. It is the prison  System the courts and what have you. This is the State … Seguir leyendo

The Light is Always Green

We dig our models with the brains the size of models And cars that we can trust with out wives And we dig converstations with girls from every nation But not the ones that whisper or tell lies Wherever there’s a will there’s a motorway Wherever there is greed there is speed And they’ve always … Seguir leyendo

New Kind of Water

Eat, drink and be merry For tomorrow we did Eat electricity Drink five of the seven seas Here is a paralyzed sleet Here is a bubble bath rain Acrid stench and festering tongue New York, Moscow, Nairobi in flames I don’t know either, what is the answer? We were told to expect more And now … Seguir leyendo

New Dark Age

In the darkest times Darkest fears are heard And from the safest places Come the bravest words Some make a quiet life To keep this Scared old world at bay The dogs are howling on the street outside So they close the curtains, hope they go away And it’s pressure from all sides Coming down … Seguir leyendo

When the River Runs Dry

Good news for beautiful people Watching the world go by Make love in the middle of a warzone Hey – ya never gonna die Don’t rock the boat – keep your head down Just another fool in the crowd Everybody knows – you can be a winner C’mon – shout it out loud On the … Seguir leyendo

Showing Shadows

Once upon a time there lived a fancy babe Dressed in shine and ju-ju undertow Just about to break within a passing day She was showing shadows, would the morning know? No no no no no All around the world there was an interest, yeah Those with richer circumstance would come Just upon arrival they … Seguir leyendo